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Session 6: Thinking Lost

Session 6: Thinking Lost

In this concluding session, Ron and Doug explain how to break through to where lost people are.  To connect to the heart of a lost person, we need to use words they can understand, find a starting point they care about, and offer a relationship that shows you care.

Ron shares a powerful concluding story from the Titanic.  Plus, more amazing hope stories from our friends.

Full Length Hope Stories Featured in Session 6

Jordan - Your Hope Story


Jordan shares his journey to living and leading for Jesus, and his passion to reach, disciple, and mobilize Gen Z for Christ.  

Jason - Your Hope Story


Jason shares his powerful story, and how he boldly and creatively shares Jesus with lost people in his world.

Mitchell - Your Hope Story


Mitchell communicates how God led him to be the love of Jesus, and how God uses him to represent Christ in the “Battle Rap” community.  

Hal - Your Hope Story


Hal shares his journey to Jesus, and how prayer ignites opportunities to share with others.

Kirby - Your Hope Story

Kirby (previously featured in sessions 2 and 3)

Kirby shares her dramatic story of finding Christ, and her passion to be a bold rescuer and passionate leader for her generation.

Luciano - Your Hope Story

Luciano   (previously featured in sessions 1 and 2)

Luciano shares how God powerfully transformed his heart and mind, remembering what it is like to be lost.

Going Deeper Bonus Content

Breaking through the Blindness

Breaking through the Blindness

How to challenge the blindness in the hearts and minds of unbelievers