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Session 1: My Restless Heart

Session 1: My Restless Heart

In this key opening session, discover the great adventure of pursuing a life that counts for all eternity.  Ron and Doug tap into a believer’s sense of “restless for more,” and introduce the power of influence we all have on the lost people in our world.  

Two key Rescue Bridges are introduced: Your Situation is Your Assignment, and Your Tribe.  Plus, you’ll hear from several key “hope stories” of friends who are passionate about spiritual rescue.  

Full Length Hope Stories Featured in Session 1

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Johnelle shares her powerful journey from nominal believer to passionate rescuer.  

Emma Mae - Your Hope Story

Emma Mae

Emma Mae boldly shares her passion for investing in the lives of others for Jesus.  

Miriam - Your Hope Story


Miriam shares her story from wife, to mother, to widow, and her passion for sharing Jesus now with other widows.

Bob - Your Hope Story


Bob shares about finding Christ, and how he now represents Jesus daily in his role in estate planning. 

John - Your Hope Story


John shares his heart for the lost, his deep understanding of his many “tribes,” and his passion for sharing the Gospel with people everywhere.

Luciano - Your Hope Story


Luciano shares how God powerfully transformed his heart and mind, remembering what it is like to be lost.

That day - My Situation was My Assignment

Bonus Content

That day – My Situation was My Assignment

Doug Shares a Personal Story from the Hospital