Full Length Hope Stories

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Johnelle shares her powerful journey from nominal believer, to passionate rescuer.  She had to leave her comfort zone to find her big adventure:  a deeply fulfilling ministry to people in jail.

Emma Mae - Your Hope Story

Emma Mae

Emma Mae McDaniel boldly shares her passion for investing in the lives of others for Jesus.  From her years in high school, to now an international social media influencer, author, speaker, wife, and mom, Emma Mae is a unique leader for her generation, with the heart of a rescuer.  Emma Mae’s website.

Miriam - Your Hope Story


Miriam Neff shares her story from wife, to mother, to widow.  She discovered her role as a widow uniquely positioned her to impact women everywhere who had lost their husbands.  Miriam is Founder / President of Widow Connection.

Bob - Your Hope Story


Bob grew up in a Jewish family and community.  He shares about finding Christ, and how he now represents Jesus daily in his role in estate planning.  Bob heard Ron Hutchcraft years ago explain the “3-Open Prayer,” and has been praying that prayer ever since.  

John - Your Hope Story


John began his relationship with Christ as an adult.  In his story, John shares his heart for the lost, his deep understanding of his “tribes,” and his passion for sharing the Gospel with people everywhere.  

Luciano - Your Hope Story


Luciano, from Mexico, has a heart for his generation.  Luciano shares candidly about his addictions to sex, and how God powerfully transformed his heart and mind.  Luciano remembers what it is like to be lost, and beautifully appeals to all of us to “share this good news.”

Kirby - Your Hope Story


Kirby Kelly shares her dramatic story of losing her father, and her serious consideration of suicide.  Her journey to Jesus is so refreshing.  Today, Kirby is a global social media influencer, podcaster, speaker, author, and a passionate leader for her generation.  Kirby’s website.

Bill - Your Hope Story


Bill McConkey has spent a lifetime of leading for Jesus.  He has a passion for sharing Jesus with people in his community each and every day.  Bill is a veteran pastor, board member and visionary Kingdom leader.  

Dave & Karen - Your Hope Story

Dave and Karen

Dave and Karen share honestly about their life “before Christ.”  With a lifestyle of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, Dave and Karen both dramatically discovered Jesus.  They share their journey, along with their creative outreach to lost people in their world.

Den - Your Hope Story


Growing up in an Orthodox church community, Den shares his long journey to faith in Christ.  Den spent many years representing Jesus in his insurance office.  Den loves to invite others to see his personal story on YouTube:  “I am Redeemed.”

Natalie - Your Hope Story


Natalie Brown shares her love of stories, and how God can use our stories to reach others.   She uses storytelling as a means to encourage, challenge, and inspire others. Natalie shares Jesus with others through a weekly blog, books she’s written, speaking, and coffee dates.  Natalie’s website.

Elizabeth - Your Hope Story


Elizabeth shares how her boss and mentor, King, showed her an authentic faith in Christ.  Sadly, King died tragically in a plane accident.  Elizabeth shares her faith journey, and how God is using her to carry on King’s legacy.

Cindy - Your Hope Story


Cindy is passionate about sharing Jesus with others.  She has spent many years investing into the lives of lost people, using her gifts to love them in ways they would appreciate.  

Blake - Your Hope Story


Blake shares his story as an intellectual, and how Jesus is for academia.  He tells his journey about representing Jesus at his Ivy League school.  

If It Weren't for Jesus

If It Weren’t for Jesus  

What would your life be like, if it weren’t for Jesus?  Several friends shared their answer to this question.

Carole - Your Hope Story

Carole Jean

Carole Jean shares her dramatic story of a cancer diagnosis, and how God positioned her to reach other cancer patients through her story.

Manny - Your Hope Story


  Manny Mill shares his dramatic journey to Christ, and how God finally broke through to his hard heart.  After spending time in prison, Manny has spent a lifetime investing in prison ministry, bringing a message of radical hope, love, and prayer.  Manny is Founder / CEO of Koinonia House Ministries.

Mary Lola - Your Hope Story

Mary Lola

Mary Lola, Yup’ik, shares her raw and honest hope story.  God has used Mary Lola powerfully to share Jesus with others, especially through her leadership roles over the years with On Eagles’ Wings, the Native American outreach of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries.

Grant - Your Hope Story


Grant Skeldon communicates an authentic journey to Christ as a teenager, and the strategic discipleship that helped shape him into a leader for Jesus.  Today Grant has a passion for finding and uniting diverse, dynamic young leaders to reach this generation for Christ.  Grant’s website.

Erwin - Your Hope Story


Dr. Erwin Lutzer shares his humble beginnings in discovering an authentic relationship with Jesus.  As a veteran pastor, radio host, and best-selling author, Dr. Lutzer has invested a lifetime of sharing Jesus with others.  Dr. Lutzer’s website.

Huntley - Your Hope Story


Huntley Brown communicates his dramatic journey to Jesus, and how God has used his gifts as a musician and speaker to impact others.  Huntley’s website.

Weston - Your Hope Story


Weston, Navajo, shares his powerful hope story, and how God has used him to share Jesus with others.  Weston serves in leadership with On Eagles’ Wings, the Native American outreach of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries.

Cindy - Your Hope Story

Xiaokuai (Cindy)

Xiaokuai (Cindy) shares about growing up in a lost family in rural China, to coming to the U.S., finding Jesus, and now sharing Jesus with others.

Jordan - Your Hope Story


Jordan Whitmer, the oldest grandchild of Ron Hutchcraft, shares his journey to living and leading for Jesus.  Jordan is passionate for his generation, and invests in reaching, discipling, and mobilizing Gen Z for Christ.  He is Founder / CEO of HowToLife Movement.

Jason - Your Hope Story


Jason shares his powerful story, and how he boldly and creatively shares Jesus with lost people in his world.

Mitchell - Your Hope Story


Mitchell West, a.k.a. “Street Hymns,” communicates how God led him to be the love of Jesus by living in a tough, urban community.  He shares how God uses him to represent Christ in the “Battle Rap” community.  Street Hymns’ website.

Hal - Your Hope Story


  Hal shares his journey to Jesus, and how prayer ignites opportunities to share with others.

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