What is Your Hope Story?

Your Hope Story is a six-session video series, ideal for individuals or small groups.  Believers will be challenged and encouraged with practical ways to use their own “hope story,” to help share Jesus with lost people in their world.

What is the cost for the online content?

The Your Hope Story video series is available at no cost.  Users simply need to SIGN-UP, and create an account for instant access to all content.  Your Hope Story has been made available by generous friends, who are excited to make this available at no charge to you and your church.  If you would like to help “pay it forward,” and allow this content to impact even more lives, you may do so here.  Thank you for helping expand this movement to impact even more lives for Jesus.

Is this series available in DVD format?

Yes!  There is a modest cost for the DVD curriculum.  Purchase is available in the RHM Store.

Is Your Hope Story best to view as an individual or a small group?

Ideally, this content is best when consumed with others.  A small group situation will help with the action labs, and the discussions.  However, individuals will find the material very beneficial as well.

Is Your Hope Story available in other languages?

Currently, Your Hope Story is only available in English.

Does Your Hope Story have a presence on social media?

Yes!  The social media handle is @HopeStoryMovement.  Be sure to follow for exciting updates, features, and posts.

Who is behind Your Hope Story?

For over 30 years, the team of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries has been active in both sharing Jesus with lost people, and mobilizing God’s people to become rescuers - reaching people in their world for Jesus.  Your Hope Story content was written by Ron Hutchcraft, and first published in the classic book, A Life That Matters:  Making the Greatest Possible Difference with the Rest of Your Life (Moody)Your Hope Story expands and further develops on those original themes.

Who are the featured people who share their Hope Stories?

These are all friends of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries.  Each individual has been active in sharing Jesus in creative ways.  

How can I effectively facilitate this material as a leader?

Please see the LEADERS GUIDE for more information on this important role.