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Session 3: The Story Only You Can Tell

Session 3: The Story Only You Can Tell

In this session, Ron and Doug do a deep dive into the power of “your hope story.”  Discover how powerful and effective your story is to open doors to lost people around you.  

“If it weren’t for Jesus” will help every believer better tell their story.  Plus, more great hope stories from some amazing friends.

Full Length Hope Stories Featured in Session 3

Natalie - Your Hope Story


Natalie shares her love of stories, and how God can use our stories to reach others for Christ.

Elizabeth - Your Hope Story


Elizabeth shares how her late-mentor showed her an authentic faith in Christ, and how God is using her to carry on his legacy.

Cindy - Your Hope Story


Cindy is passionate about sharing Jesus with others and investing into the lives of lost people.

Blake - Your Hope Story


Blake shares his story as an intellectual, and how Jesus is for academia.  He tells his journey about representing Jesus at his Ivy League school.  

If It Weren't for Jesus

If It Weren’t for Jesus  

What would your life be like, if it weren’t for Jesus?  Several friends shared their answer to this question.

Kirby - Your Hope Story

Kirby  (previously featured in session 2)

Kirby shares her dramatic story of finding Christ, and her passion to be a bold rescuer and passionate leader for her generation.