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Session 2: How to Get Started

Session 2: How to Get Started

In this session, Ron and Doug introduce you to the power of prayer when it comes to spiritual rescue.  Learn how to “pray WITH lost people,” and how to “pray FOR lost people.”  Ron introduces the powerful “3-Open Prayer,” along with many more practical ideas for leading with prayer.

Finally, this session tackles the real challenge of “overcoming fear.”  Plus, more special hope stories from everyday believers on how they pray to rescue lost people.

Full Length Hope Stories Featured in Session 2

Kirby - Your Hope Story


Kirby shares her dramatic story of finding Christ, and her passion to be a bold rescuer and passionate leader for her generation.

Bill - Your Hope Story


Bill wishes someone had told him about Jesus when he was younger, and has a passion for sharing Jesus with people in his community each and every day.  

Dave & Karen - Your Hope Story

Dave and Karen

Dave and Karen share honestly about their life before Christ, along with their creative outreach to lost people in their world.

Den - Your Hope Story


Den shares his long journey to faith in Christ, and spent many years representing Jesus in his insurance office.  Den made his own “hope story” video, and encourages others to do the same!

John - Your Hope Story

John  (previously featured in session 1)

John shares his heart for the lost, his deep understanding of his many “tribes,” and his passion for sharing the Gospel with people everywhere.  

Bob - Your Hope Story

Bob  (previously featured in session 1)

Bob shares about finding Christ, and how he now represents Jesus daily in his role in estate planning.  

Emma Mae - Your Hope Story

Emma (previously featured in session 1)

Emma Mae boldly shares her passion for investing in the lives of others for Jesus.  

Luciano - Your Hope Story

Luciano (previously featured in session 1)

Luciano shares how God powerfully transformed his heart and mind, remembering what it is like to be lost.